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"'I'm a Health Worker' - Abduaraman Gidi" made by IntraHealth International.

Community Health Workers build bridges between communities and health services.

Robin Hammond, 2011

From reproductive health to nutrition to care for chronic conditions, community health workers are being asked to help communities become healthier, particularly in areas where professional health workers are scarce.

Ibby Caputo; WGBH, 2013

Evidence shows that trained CHWs can diagnose and treat children under 5 for malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia, while teaching parents to provide care at home.

Caroline Grogan, 2008

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Over the next few months, CHW Central will be providing a series of features highlighting sections of Developing and Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs at Scale: A Reference Guide and Case Studies for Program Managers and Policymakers. This collaborative work was led by Dr. Henry Perry, Department of International Health, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Perry introduces readers to the issues and challenges that large-scale CHW programs face and to a framework to help planners and managers think through how to develop, expand, and strengthen their CHW programs. Case studies from Asia, South America, and Africa provide rich examples on how to support change. 


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Sehn, H., Muskett, O., Barton, S., Shirley, L. John, H., Malone, J., Begay, M., Shin, S., presented on behalf of the Navajo Nation CHR Program.

Roughly the size of West Virginia, the Navajo Nation is the largest Native American reservation covering portions of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah and has a population of over 173,000 living on the reservation. It is composed of 110 geographic areas or Chapters that are the seat of local government. Community Health Representatives (CHRs) are employed by the Navajo Nation’s Division of Health and collaborate closely with health facilities, especially with Public Health Nursing (PHN) to provide team-based care to their clients.  CHRs are the vital resource in the community to address environmental and clinical factors that contribute to poor health.   

CHRs are highly qualified professionals, and passionate about their work.  A CHR, must have a high school diploma, be a Certified Nursing Assistant, and have CPR certification,

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