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500 Days to Millennium Development Goals Target Date

To raise awareness of how important health workers are to achieving the MDGs, the Frontline Health Workers Coalition has released this video to emphasize why health workers count for MDG Momentum.   #healthworkerscount for #MDGMomentum.



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"'I'm a Health Worker' - Abduaraman Gidi" made by IntraHealth International.

Community Health Workers build bridges between communities and health services.

Robin Hammond, 2011

From reproductive health to nutrition to care for chronic conditions, community health workers are being asked to help communities become healthier, particularly in areas where professional health workers are scarce.

Ibby Caputo; WGBH, 2013


Our vision is to improve and sustain a dynamic global web-based resource that promotes and engages CHWs, enables the wide and rapid sharing of information about CHW work and management, offers resources to help improve CHW programs and CHW performance, and provides a forum for continuous and online discussions and exchanges among CHWs, public health professionals and program managers in the United States and across the globe.

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This article originally appeared in The Impact Blog.

Oriana Bandiera describes the close collaboration between a team of economists and the Government of Zambia to evaluate strategies to recruit, motivate and retain agents in the rollout of its National Community Health Assistant Programme. Using a randomised experiment the findings illustrate that there is no tradeoff between career incentives, skills and social values. Providing career opportunities attracts more skilled individuals who perform better and seem to be equally socially motivated. The findings also provide empirical insight into how governments can implement and manage large-scale civil service initiatives.

This blog was originally posted on the UNFPA website.  

In May, Sierra Leone detected its first-ever case of Ebola, the deadly and contagious haemorrhagic disease. By the end of July, the country had surpassed neighbouring Guinea, where the break was first reported, in number of positive cases.

The outbreak has spread rapidly through four West African countries – Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone – sickening at least 1,779 people and killing961, according to 6 August estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The fatality rate of Ebola can reach up to 90 per cent , though it has been lower in this outbreak. In Sierra Leone, there have been 631 confirmed cases, with 38 probable cases and 48 additional cases suspected. Some 298 people have died.

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