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"'I'm a Health Worker' - Abduaraman Gidi" made by IntraHealth International.

Cost-effectiveness of the treatment of uncomplicated severe acute malnutrition by community health workers compared to treatment provided at an outpatient facility in rural Mali

This study examines the feasibility of incorporating treatment of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) into an existing community care framework operated by community health workers (CHWs). The study shows that delivering treatment of SAM through CHWs is cost-effective, assuming good coverage.

How to Support Community Health Workers? Reflections on a year of global learning

In this article, mPowering reflects on learning from pre-existing CHW programs.  First, they recognize CHWs who have support are more likely to make an impact on the communities they serve.  In addition, the introduction of technology into many programs has presented opportunities to improve communication and data collection.  The reflection concludes by stating current CHW programs need to be strengthened, which can be done by increased investment in health systems.

Correlation between CHW motivation and quality of data they collect and report

Is there a correlation between the level of CHWs work motivation with the quality of data they collect and report? Anyone studies or programmatic report in this?

Quality indicators for assessing CHW work performance

I have been attempting to identify a CHW work performance framework that considers the different domains that constitute work performance (irrespective of the CHW program). I am interested to know if there are tools, measures or techniques that other institutions are using to capture the "quality" aspects of CHW visits? What tools beyond observations do we have to capture the non-quantitative aspects of CHW performance e.g. how the CHW delivers the information to the client or the ‘quality’ of the interaction between CHW and client

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