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Attending the 5th Global Symposium on Health Systems Resaerch (October 8-12; Liverpool UK)? The following list provides the CHW sessions and events on the Symposium Program. Attend to update your knowledge on CHWs and CHW programs and join the conversation about priority issues and challenges. 

  1. 8/10, 12:00 - 13:15: HSG CHW Thematic Working Group Business meeting. Hall 1C
  2. 10/10, 14:00 - 15:30: Sharing experiences from CHW research and practice to strengthen leadership and management of community health worker programmes.  Hall 2E
  3. 10/10, 08:30-10:00: Placing community health systems at the heart of service delivery. ACC Main Auditorium
  4. 10/10, 11:00-12:30: Engaging communities: approaches, successes and challenges. ACC Room 4A
  5. 10/10, 11:00-12:30: mHealth: Does it deliver on the promise of improving access to health services. ACC Room 11A
  6. 10/10, 11:00-12:30: Sustaining community health systems. ACC Room 11B
  7. 10/10, 14:00-15:30: Community participation: advocacy, accountability and change agents. ACC Room 4B
  8. 10/10, 14:00-15:30: Attracting, retaining and sustaining the health workforce. ACC Room 11B
  9. 10/10, 16:00-17:30: Taking a gender lens to the health system. ACC Room 11C
  10. 11/10, 11:00-12:30: Systems thinking as a lens for analysing health and other sectors. ACC Room 3A
  11. 11/10, 14:00-15:30: Corruption and accountability in health systems. ACC Room 11A
  12. 11/10, 14:00-15:30: CHWs provide “second-class care” and are a temporary fix to the human resources crisis and health systems constraints. ACC Hall 2E
  13. 11/10, 16:00-17:30: Improving access to health services through community approaches. ACC Room 11C
  14. 11/10, 16:00-17:30: Scaling-up health system interventions. 
  15. 12/10, 09:00-10:30: Governance and accountability for strong community health systems. ACC Room 3A
  16. 12?10, 14:00-15:30: Strengthening the capacity of community health systems. ACC Room 4B


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