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Please share with us what approaches you have found to get the right supplies to the right people at the right time. How did you make it sustainable?


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I work in Gauteng, Johannesburg health district . We have 11 CHW's who cover a population of more 10 000. We work in an informal settlement where the people are too poor to afford transport.

There is a government program, Kgatelo Pele, the aim of which is to use the CHW's to take medication to the community.

We have two types of medication that is delivered to the Ccommunity;first it is Vitamin a which the community health care workers carry in their bags as they walk around. when they meet a child that has missed the schedule they dispense Vitamin a on the spot. Since July 2014 they have dispensed 700 doses.


The other program involves medication that is collected by the team leader from the pharmacy, given to the CHW's who then take it to the members of the community or the members come to collect it from the health post.

We use a computer to register and dispense Vitamin a recepients. We use a separate program in the same computer to record the medication given from the pharmacy.

We can trace back all the medication that has been given to the members of the community.

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