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Selection Tool for Health Extension Workers in Rural India

The ICTPH Guide presents a model for selecting CHWs in rural India, focusing on one woman in each community who reaches out to every family in her village to ensure their wellness through active screening. This paper presents the selection tools for Health Extension Workers (ICTPH Guides) in Rural India. It also recognizes that a carefully selected CHW will have great impact not only in retention but also to the sustainability of health interventions and finally the health outcomes of communities.

Country Case Study Ghana: Implementing a National Human Resources for Health Plan

This report describes key issues in the implementation of Ghana's health workforce development plan, which aims to address morale and distribution challenges. Priority is being given to mid-level workers operating in community settings, and to incentive schemes to improve morale and retention.

Community health workers: What do we know about them? The state of the evidence on programmes, activities, costs and impact on health outcomes of using community health workers

This is a review commissioned by the WHO which aims to assess the existing evidence regarding the feasibility and effectiveness of CHW programs. It is a broad scope paper which uses published and selected ‘grey’ literature available since the 1970s. Some of the topics reviewed are: the role of CHWs, their use, performance, retention, impact effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.

Task shifting in HIV/AIDS: opportunities, challenges and proposed actions for sub-Saharan Africa

This review paper examines key opportunities and challenges presented when task shifting is used to rapidly expand human resource capacity to address HIV/AIDS. Opportunities include: increasing access to life-saving treatment; improving workforce skills mix and health system efficiency; enhancing the role of the community; cost savings; and reducing attrition and international ‘brain drain’.

Systems Support for Task-Shifting to Community Health Workers

This technical brief discusses necessary elements of a successful approach to task-shifting of life-saving services to CHWs. The document highlights the importance of systems for planning and regulation, education and training, supervision, referral and evaluation.

Lay health workers in primary and community health care: A systematic review of trials

This review examines randomized control trials that tested the effectiveness of lay health worker (LHW) interventions on improving Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and addressing key high-burden diseases in low and middle income countries. The authors found that the use of LHWs in health programs showed benefits when compared with standard care in promoting immunization and breastfeeding uptake, reducing mortality and morbidity and in improving TB treatment outcomes.

Comparing the Effectiveness and Costs of Alternative Strategies for Improving Access to Information and Services for the IUD in Ghana

This report describes a study conducted in Ghana to explore utilizing Community Health Officers (CHOs) and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) to increase interest in using IUDs and other long-acting and permanent methods. The study utilized a pre- and post-test quasi-experimental design and included two intervention groups (where CHOs and CHVs were given additional training and support) and one comparison group.

Do lay or community health workers in primary health care improve maternal and child health and tuberculosis outcomes? A SUPPORT Summary of a systematic review

This systematic review is helpful for people who need to make decisions about the use of lay health workers in primary and community care delivery. The authors reviewed 82 studies to assess the effects of lay health worker interventions on improving MCH and TB outcomes. Key findings and considerations of relevance for low and middle income countries are included outcomes.

Supply Chain Models and Considerations for Community-Based Distribution Programs: A Program Manager's Guide

This document provides guidance in the design of systems for community-based distribution (CBD) programs. The guide aims to assist program managers and other stakeholders in designing and implementing stronger and more sustainable supply chains for their CBD programs. The guide is intended to serve as a resource of tools that can be modified and adapted for use by any government or organization that implements CBD programs in any country.

Promising Practices in Supply Chain Management for Community-Based Distribution Programs: Global Survey of CBD Programs

This global survey documents the preliminary research and findings that the JSI team compiled to inform the final project document, Supply Chain Models and Considerations for Community‐Based Distribution Programs: A Program Manager’s Guide. It can be used as a reference to any person or organization interested in CBD programs.


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