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"'I'm a Health Worker' - Abduaraman Gidi" made by IntraHealth International.

USAID/Madagascar and Community Health Volunteers: Working in Partnership to Achieve Health Goals

Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) have played a critical role in the success of USAID in Madagascar’s health sector. As CHVs, they can provide basic health care services and health education at the community level, thus improving health care access in remote regions. This report highlights the successes and challenges of USAID/Madagascar’s investment in CHVs.  

The cost-effectiveness of close-to-community health programmes: What do we know and where are the gaps?

Critical shortages in the health workforce in many developing countries - specifically the number, skills and geographic distribution of health workers - pose a significant challenge to the achievement of universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Increasing attention has therefore been focused on the potential of community health workers (CHWs) to expand access to essential health services, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

Mounting Evidence of the Effectiveness and Versatility of Community Health Workers

Recent years have proven that community health workers serve important roles in healthcare systems, including in the United States. This article briefly discusses the effectiveness and versatility of community health workers and their various roles in healthcare delivery systems. The evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of community health workers in many diverse public health-related roles.  

Understanding Scope and Competencies: A Contemporary Look at the United States Community Health Worker Field

Progress Report of the Community Health Worker (CHW) Core Consensus (C3) Project: Building National Consensus on CHW Core Roles, Skills, and Qualities :

Study protocol: realist evaluation of effectiveness and sustainability of a community health workers programme in improving maternal and child health in Nigeria

Community health workers can increase access to, and coverage of, health services – particularly maternal and child health (MCH) outcomes in Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries. This 5 year study aimed to evaluate the Nigerian CHW scheme using a mixed-methods realist approach will make an important contribution to health systems strengthening in Nigeria. 

How equitable are community health worker programmes and which programme features influence equity of community health worker services? A systematic review

CHWs often improve health care delivery in their communities by bringing health services closer to hard to reach populations. This study utilized systematic database searches to determine the extent of CHW program equity. Many programs reduced inequity related to location, gender, education, and socioeconomic status. While CHW programs do seem to promote equity, care should still be taken by policymakers and program implementers.  

Reaching Communities for Child Health: Advancing Health Outcomes through Multi-Sectoral Approaches

This paper explores the effectiveness of child health interventions and how to improve health care access for children, mothers, and caregivers. Multi-sectoral approaches, including utilization of community-based programming and community health workers, can help extend the reach of health care to these populations.

Hope Through Health with Dr. Kevin Fiori

 Daniel Palazuelos, Partners In Health, and Dr. Kevin Fiori, co-founder of Hope Through Health, discuss Dr. Fiori’s organization and global health. Hope Through Health is an organization dedicated to health care delivery in Togo and faced many challenges in its beginnings, but now successfully utilizes community health workers to empower the community and has increased the capacity of the community to hold the health care system accountable for quality and effective health care.

“Don’t Call it a Comeback, They’ve Been Here for Years” with Shreya Kangovi

 In this roundtable discussion, Daniel Palazuelos, Partners In Health, and Dr. Shreya Kangovi, Penn Center for Community Health Workers, discuss the significance of CHW programs in the United States. Whereas community health workers are often thought to be necessary in resource-poor settings, there is a place for CHWs in the U.S. as they are often a solution to approaching the big picture. Dr. Kangovi founded a domestic U.S.

Community Health and Science with Debbie Singh

  Daniel Palazuelos, Partners In Health, sits down with Debbie Singh to discuss her experiences working with CHW’s in Uganda. Singh uses Partners In Health’s CHW Framework, 5-SPICE, in Uganda with an emphasis on the importance of trust.


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