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  • This study examines the role of community health workers in type 2 diabetes mellitus self-management globally. Results show that CHWs are mostly utilized for education, support, and advocacy. 

    Reads: 466
    Author(s): Bonaventure Amandi Egbujie, Peter Arthur Delobelle, Naomi Levitt, Thandi Puoane, David Sanders, and Brian van Wyk
  • This cross-sectional study assessed the current roles, training, and knowledge of CHWs about diabetes and hypertension in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. One hundred and fifty CHWs from two non-governmental organisations required to provide non-communicable disease care as part of a comprehensive package of services were interviewed. Results indicate that roles were broad and varied, training was seen...

    Reads: 488
    Author(s): Lungiswa P. Tsolekile, Helen Schneider, and Thandi Puoane
  • This cluster-randomized controlled trial assessed the effect of a cognitive therapy-based intervention put in place by community health workers in rural Pakistan on maternal depression and infant outcomes. 

    Reads: 628
    Author(s): Atif Rahman, Abid Malik, Siham Sikander, Christopher Roberts, Francis Creed
  • This report details the history and current state of CHW programs around the world and highlights the importance of sustainability and improving CHW performance. 

    Reads: 595
  • This study examines the effects of community health workers on participation in the Heart Smarts program implemented by the Food Trust. Results show higher participant retention rates and lower blood pressure rates in stores that had community health workers. The authors suggest that having community health workers in other sites would increase the number of repeat visits and help in lowering...

    Reads: 516
    Author(s): Michelle Abel, Rickie Brawer, and Carlos Yang
  • This study assessed whether or not community health workers maintain competency in malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) administration over a twelve-month period as well as  the CHW characteristics, such as age or level of experience, that influence competencies. The results indicate that a majority of CHWs maintain RDT competency over at least a twelve-month period and that younger age and...

    Reads: 1,291
    Author(s): Matthew R. Boyce, Diana Menya, Elizabeth L. Turner, Jeremiah Laktabai, and Wendy Prudhomme-O’Meara
  • This policy brief provides evidence-based recommendations to support community-based CHW services with sufficient resources to address social determinants of health. The goal of these recommendations is to increase the establishment of healthcare policies related to CHW services for communities facing health inequities. 

    Reads: 669
    Author(s): Hispanic Health Council in partnership with Southwestern AHEC and a panel of Community Health Worker Policy Research Experts  
  • This study examines Community Health Workers’ perceptions of how the Zimbabwe study for Enhancing Testing and Improving Treatment of HIV in Children (ZENITH) randomized controlled trial’s structure and management affected their performance. The results of the study showed that CHWs saw the intervention as acceptable, feasible, and expressed overall strong job satisfaction. Long term...

    Reads: 569
    Author(s): Joanna Busza, Ethel Dauya, Tsitsi Bandason, Victoria Simms, Chido Dziva Chikwari, Memory Makamba, Grace Mchugh, Shungu Munyati, Prosper Chonzi, and Rashida A. Ferrand
  • A literature review and synthesis of the roles and functions of community health workers in primary care designed to provide insight on how to better to integrate community health workers in primary care. The article analyses 30 studies, 12 functions and 3 prominent CHW roles and discusses the implications of CHW training and clinical support in primary care. 

    Reads: 535
    Author(s): Andrea L. Hartzler, Leah Tuzzio, Clarissa Hsu, and Edward H. Wagner
  • Community health workers and accountability: reflections from an international “think-in,” presents a commentary with recommendations for research and further development in the area of CHWs and improved general health system accountability.”

    Reads: 503
    Author(s): Marta Schaaf, Jonathan Fox, Stephanie M. Topp, Caitlin Warthin, Lynn P. Freedman, Rachel Sullivan Robinson, Sundararaman Thiagarajan, Kerry Scott, Thoko Maboe, Margareth Zanchetta, Ana Lorena Ruano, Maryse Kok and Svea Closser


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