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  • This policy brief provides evidence-based recommendations to support community-based CHW services with sufficient resources to address social determinants of health. The goal of these recommendations is to increase the establishment of healthcare policies related to CHW services for communities facing health inequities. 

    Reads: 382
    Author(s): Hispanic Health Council in partnership with Southwestern AHEC and a panel of Community Health Worker Policy Research Experts  
  • This study examines Community Health Workers’ perceptions of how the Zimbabwe study for Enhancing Testing and Improving Treatment of HIV in Children (ZENITH) randomized controlled trial’s structure and management affected their performance. The results of the study showed that CHWs saw the intervention as acceptable, feasible, and expressed overall strong job satisfaction. Long term...

    Reads: 344
    Author(s): Joanna Busza, Ethel Dauya, Tsitsi Bandason, Victoria Simms, Chido Dziva Chikwari, Memory Makamba, Grace Mchugh, Shungu Munyati, Prosper Chonzi, and Rashida A. Ferrand
  • A literature review and synthesis of the roles and functions of community health workers in primary care designed to provide insight on how to better to integrate community health workers in primary care. The article analyses 30 studies, 12 functions and 3 prominent CHW roles and discusses the implications of CHW training and clinical support in primary care. 

    Reads: 283
    Author(s): Andrea L. Hartzler, Leah Tuzzio, Clarissa Hsu, and Edward H. Wagner
  • Community health workers and accountability: reflections from an international “think-in,” presents a commentary with recommendations for research and further development in the area of CHWs and improved general health system accountability.”

    Reads: 325
    Author(s): Marta Schaaf, Jonathan Fox, Stephanie M. Topp, Caitlin Warthin, Lynn P. Freedman, Rachel Sullivan Robinson, Sundararaman Thiagarajan, Kerry Scott, Thoko Maboe, Margareth Zanchetta, Ana Lorena Ruano, Maryse Kok and Svea Closser
  • On May 21, 2018, a side event was hosted by the Governments of Ethiopia and Ecuador at the 71st World Health Assembly in Geneva, addressing the contributions and effectiveness of Community Health Workers in Primary Health Care and Universal Health Care Coverage. This background document, makes the case for the importance of CHWs in primary health care and the achievement of universal health...

    Reads: 298
  • This report shows the preliminary results of the USAID SQALE Program model for quality improvement at a community level. Community health volunteers have improved reporting, community engagement with the health care system, and efficiency and performance. 

    Reads: 283
    Author(s): Vicki Doyle, Miriam Taegtmeyer, Lynda Keeru, and Kate Hawkins
  • This study examines how Brazilian primary health care handles domestic violence against women. A gap between policies and practical application were found at local levels and community health workers were found to be critical to opening dialogue between women experiencing violence and the health care system.

    Reads: 254
    Author(s): Marcos Claudio Signorelli, Angela Taft, and Pedro Paulo Gomes Pereira
  • This cross-sectional survey in the Philippines emphasizes the importance of community health workers in reaching the drug coverage rate 0d 75% set by WHO and increasing compliance with mass drug administration in the community. 

    Reads: 209
    Author(s): Marianette T. Inobaya, Thao N. Chau, Shu-Kay Ng, Colin MacDougall, Remigio M. Olveda, Veronica L. Tallo, Jhoys M. Landicho, Carol M. Malacad, Mila F. Aligato, Jerric R. Guevarra, and Allen G. Ross
  • The authors conducted a two-arm 2 year crossover trial to determine the effectiveness of clinical pharmacists and community health workers (CHWs) in increasing glycemic  control among low-income ethnic minority populations. No significant difference was found between the clinical pharmacist and CHW team versus the clinical pharmacist working alone.

    Reads: 237
    Author(s): Lisa K. Sharp, Jessica J. Tilton, Daniel R. Touchette, Yinglin Xia, Daniel Mihailescu, Michael L. Berbaum, and Ben S. Gerber
  • This community-based, cluster-randomised controlled trial in Nepal had female community health volunteers provide home counseling and blood pressure monitoring. The intervention resulted in a reduction of blood pressure for participants with hypertension and helps age-related blood pressure increases in adults.

    Reads: 212
    Author(s): Dinesh Neupane, Craig S McLachlan, Shiva Raj Mishra, Michael Hecht Olsen, Henry B Perry, Arjun Karki, and Per Kallestrup


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