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  • Village health workers (VHWs) play an integral role in educating communities about tuberculosis (TB), conducting TB screening and facilitating treatment. This cross-sectional descriptive study aimed to assess TB knowledge among VHWs, households and overall utilization of TB services. It involved interviews of populations at household and clinic levels in 20 out 0f 19 districts in Lesotho. ...

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    Author(s): Maseabata M. Ramathebane, Tiisetso J. Makatjane, Regina M. Thetsane, Motselisi Mokhethi
  • The provision of routine prenatal care is a crucial step towards reduction of health risks in women and their children that is typically the responsibility of primary health providers, often carried out by community health workers (CHWs). This cross-sectional study ascertained CHW awareness regarding (1) their general responsibilities (2) initial contact with pregnant women (3) recommended...

    Reads: 228
    Author(s): Lívia P. Bonifácio, João M. A. Marques and Elisabeth M. Vieira
  • Low cost strategies for cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk reduction are an essential requirement world over. This open label cluster randomized trial conducted in 28 villages across 3 states in India, looks at the impact of CHW-based interventions in reducing CVD risk factors in households in rural India.

    Reads: 255
    Author(s): Rajnish Joshi, Twinkle Agrawal, Farah Fathima, Usha Thammattoor, Tinku Thomas, Dominic Misquith, Shriprakash Kalantri, Natesan Chidambaram, Tony Raj, Alben Singamani, Shailendra Hegde, Denis Xavier, PJ Devereaux, Prem Pais
  • There has been a growing trend of task shifting in primary health care services including the use of community health workers (CHWs) in diagnosis of childhood illness. This study examines the role of traditional healers, their ability to meet the needs of families within communities and their integration into the health system in Tshopo through 127 in depth interviews with community members...

    Reads: 342
    Author(s): Sarah L Dalglish, Sarah Straubinger, Justine A Kavle, Lacey Gibson, Evariste Mbombeshayi, Jimmy Anzolo, Kerry Scott, Michel Pacqué
  • Dr. Palazuelos sits down with Jacques Sebisaho from Amani Global Works, an NGO based in the Democratic Republic of Congo on the island of Idjwi. Amani Global Works aims to provide healthcare for those in need and create a replicable model for care across Africa. Drawing from Jacques’s experiences as the founder of the organization, Dan and Jacques share personal stories about life, compassion...

    Reads: 585
    Author(s): Dan Palazuelos, Director of Community Health Systems at Partners In Health
  • Over 60 million people reside outside cities in the United States. These populations often face higher rates of diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and suicide. While no specific cause for these disparities have been identified, environmental differences, education gaps and workforce shortages could be potential causes. This article presents 5 strategies for improving public health...

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  • This study presents a comparative analysis of linkages between incentives and motivation of CHWs using existing datasets of qualitative studies across six countries. Taking into consideration both salaried and volunteered CHWs the study critically examines the varied influence of incentives on motivation in given different conditions of employment and engagement.   

    Reads: 255
    Author(s): Hermen Ormel, Maryse Kok, Sumit Kane, Rukhsana Ahmed, Kingsley Chikaphupha, Sabina Faiz Rashid, Daniel Gemechu, Lilian Otiso, Mohsin Sidat, Sally Theobald, Miriam Taegtmeyer & Korrie de Koning
  • This paper presents the results of a non-masked cluster randomized trail conducted in three districts in rural Tanzania. The study  looked at the impact of deploying paid community health workers (CHWs) to provide door-to-door services on child survival. The services provided included preventive, promotional and curative antenatal, newborn child and reproductive health care.  

    Reads: 391
    Author(s): Almamy M. Kanté, Amon Exavery, Elizabeth F. Jackson, Tani Kassimu, Colin D. Baynes, Ahmed Hingora & James F. Phillips
  • Community health workers (CHWs) increasingly engaged to provide  accessible and affordable serviced that are responsive to patient needs. This cross-sectional study looks at understanding CHW confidence in medication management to identify areas of focus for improving CHW medication management training.

    Reads: 292
    Author(s): Verna A. Jam, Kasidy L. McKay, John T. Holmes
  • Globally, home visits by community health workers (CHWs) during pregnancy and soon after delivery are recommended to contribute to newborn survival. With the ever-expanding roles of CHWs can health systems ensure   sufficient home visit coverage? This study looks at the results of a population-based survey conducted in the Ntcheu district of Malawi. It focuses primarily on understanding the...

    Reads: 325
    Author(s): Tanya Guenther,,Humphreys Nsona, Regina Makuluni, Mike Chisema, Gomezgani Jenda, Emmanuel Chimbalanga, and Salim Sadruddin


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