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  • As part of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) integrated community case management (iCCM) Rapid Access Expansion Program (RAcE), World Vision Niger and Canada worked with the Niger Ministry of Health to enable implementation of iCCM in four districts of Niger in 2013. This paper presents a two-arm cluster randomized trial which looked at the impact of an mhealth approach focused on...

    Reads: 338
    Author(s): David Zakus, Moise Moussa, Mahamane Ezechiel, Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu, Patsy Orkar, Caroline Damecour, Annette E Ghee, Matthew MacFarlane, and Grace Nganga
  • Increased incidence of oral cancer is largely seen in low-resource settings. This study looked at the use of a mobile phone based oral cancer screening program  carried out by community health workers (CHWs). The CHWs screened for mucosal lesions and were able to use the mHealth (mobile health) approach effectively.

    Reads: 321
    Author(s): N Praveen Birur, Keerthi Gurushanth, Sanjana Patrick, Sumsum P Sunny, Shubhasini A Raghavan, Shubha Gurudath, Usha Hegde, Vidya Tiwari, Vipin Jain, Mohammed Imran, Pratima Rao, Moni Abraham Kuriakose
  • Consumers are known to show a preference for home and community based long-term care (LTC) services (HCBS) but they are often unaware of the services available to them. This study examined the role of community health workers (CHWs) in helping Medicaid beneficiaries meet their LTC needs as compared to the use of standard HCBS outreach processes.

    Reads: 269
    Author(s): Holly C. Felix, Mir Ali, T. Mac Bird, Naomi Cottoms & M. Kate Stewart
  • Community health workers (CHWs) are a vital link between health facilities and communities with a high prevalence of childhood disorders. However, there is a dearth of literature which suggests that CHWs are adequately skilled and trained for this task. This study looks at the training needs of CHWs in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

    Reads: 325
    Author(s): Shanturi Naidoo, Deshini Naidoo, Pragashnie Govender
  • Accredited Social Health Activities (ASHAs) are female community health workers who play a principal role in promotion of primary health care and use of sanitary services in India. Most prior studies on ASHAs have focused on qualitative aspects. This study presents a cost effectiveness analysis of ASHAs in facilitating measles vaccination among children under 5 years of age between the year...

    Reads: 278
    Author(s): Deepti Bettampadi, Matthew L.Boulton, Laura E.Power, David W.Hutton
  • Many global health initiatives rely heavily on unpaid and impoverished community health workers. Given the growing social science literature on volunteering in health programs in low- and middle-income countries, it is imperative to pay attention to the psychological and social well being of these volunteers. This study presents a quantitative and qualitative assessment of these factors from...

    Reads: 235
    Author(s): Kenneth Maes, Svea Closser, Yihenew Tesfaye, Roza Abesha
  • The effect of different care delivery approaches on health system satisfaction has not been monitored extensively. This article focuses on public satisfaction with regards to a community health worker (CHW) program targeted at maternal care among pregnant women or women who have recently delivered.

    Reads: 291
    Author(s): Elysia Larson, Pascal Geldsetzer, Eric Mboggo, Irene Andrew Lema, David Sando, Anna Mia Ekström, Wafaie Fawzi, Dawn W. Foster, Charles Kilewo, Nan Li, Lameck Machumi, Lucy Magesa, Phares Mujinja, Ester Mungure, Mary Mwanyika-Sando, Helga Naburi
  • Community health workers (CHWs) have aided healthcare delivery world-wide in terms of preventive care and integrated community case management (iCCM). However, there is limited data regarding their role in malaria supply chain management. This study looks at how CHWs aid delivery of malaria iCCM kit commodities in Mozambique. The kit involves rapid diagnostic tests and artemether-lumefantrine...

    Reads: 269
    Author(s): Elizabeth Davlantes, Cristolde Salomao, Flavio Wate, Deonilde Sarmento, Humberto Rodrigues, Eric S. Halsey, Lauren Lewis, Baltazar Candrinho & Rose Zulliger
  • Combatting maternal mortality is a major public health challenge in Tanzania. This problem persists due to lack of providers, poor quality of care and inaccessibility to care. This analysis looks at the effectiveness of implementing the Lady Health Worker Program (LHWP) across three healthcare facilities in the Ngara district of Tanzania. The analysis involves a comparison of outcomes before...

    Reads: 312
    Author(s): Alison L. Bailey
  • Community health workers (CHWs) are being used increasingly world over as a strategy to improve access to healthcare, particularly in rural communities. However, interventions targeted as improving their skill set and bringing about health behavior change are essential. This article presents findings from systematic, in-depth interviews conducted with CHWs in South Africa to understand their...

    Reads: 290
    Author(s): Wilson Majee, Adaobi Anakwe, Levona Johnson, Anthea Rhoda, Jose Frantz, Laura Schopp


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