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  • This paper reviews the development of the Community-based Heath Planning and Services (CHPS) Initiative, describes the processes of implementation and relates the initiative to the principles of scaling up organizational change which it embraces. Over a 2-year period, 104 out of 110 districts in Ghana started CHPS, employing strategies tested in the successful Navrongo experiment to guide...

    Reads: 4,405
    Author(s): Nyonator, F., Awoonor-Williams, J., Phillips, J., Jones, T., & Miller, R.
  • This article compares the demographic and health impact of deploying health service nurses and volunteers in village locations. The authors found that assigning nurses to community locations to provide basic curative and preventive care substantially reduced childhood mortality and accelerates progress towards attainment of the child survival MDG. Approaches using community volunteers, however...

    Reads: 581
    Author(s): Phillips, J. F., Bawah, A. A., & Binka, F. N.
  • This paper reviews several initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa to implement community-based distribution (CBD) of family planning services. Although research suggests that community-based service delivery can contribute to contraceptive use, the magnitude of impact is often in doubt. This report reviews reasons for the limited impact of CBD in Africa, compared with similar projects in Asia in...

    Reads: 732
    Author(s): Phillips, J., Greene, W., & Jackson, E.
  • This study compared the safety and quality of contraceptive injections given by community-based health workers with those given by clinic-based nurses in a rural Nakasongola District, Uganda. A nonrandomized community trial compared provision of injectable Depo Provera (DMPA) by community reproductive health workers with routine DPMA provision at health units. Ninety-five percent of CHW...

    Reads: 697
    Author(s): Stanback, J., Mbonye, A.K., Bekoota, M.
  • This paper describes a large-scale community-based efficacy trial of chlorhexidine for cleansing the umbilical cord conducted in rural north-eastern Bangladesh. The trial established a two-tiered system of community-based workers: paid community health workers (CHWs) and volunteer village health workers (VHWs). The community-based workers delivered a package of essential maternal and newborn...

    Reads: 779
    Author(s): Shah, R., Munos, M. K., Winch, P. J., Mullany, L. C., Mannan, I., Rahman, S., et al.
  • The goal of this intervention was to improve access to contraceptive services in rural Nakasongola, Uganda, two hours north of the capital, by assessing the safety, quality and feasibility of DMPA provision by community reproductive health workers as compared with DMPA provided in clinics. The findings from this research reinforce the wealth of experience from other regions suggesting that...

    Reads: 787
    Author(s): Stanback, J., Mbonye, A., LeMelle, J.
  • This report describes a study conducted in Ghana to explore utilizing Community Health Officers (CHOs) and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) to increase interest in using IUDs and other long-acting and permanent methods. The study utilized a pre- and post-test quasi-experimental design and included two intervention groups (where CHOs and CHVs were given additional training and support) and...

    Reads: 640
    Author(s): Nyarko, P., Birungi, H., Osei, I., Voetagbe, G., Aikins, M., Gyapong, J., et al.
  • The East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC) in collaboration with Family Health International (FHI), held a regional workshop on expanding community-based access to family planning- focus on injectable contraception.

    Reads: 726
    Author(s): Malkin, M.
  • The Lady Health Worker (LHW) Programme was initiated by the Pakistani Ministry of Health in the early 1990s to integrate family planning into doorstep provision of primary health care. This paper presents findings from the first national evaluation of the Programme. The data provides strong evidence that the Programme succeeded in increasing modern contraceptive use among rural women. The...

    Reads: 650
    Author(s): Douthwaite, M. & Ward P.
  • Through its Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) initiative, Ghana has deployed over 300 auxiliary nurses in 53 of the country’s deprived districts. These nurses, who receive two years of training and the title Community Health Officer (CHO), are part of an innovative approach that shifts staff from low-impact static health centers with limited outreach to high-impact mobile...

    Reads: 731
    Author(s): Acquah, S., Frelick, G., & Matikanya, R.


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