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CHW Central is an online community of practice that brings together program managers, experts, practitioners, researchers, and supporters of CHW programs. The website is a virtual meeting place to share resources and experiences and to discuss and develop questions and ideas on CHW programs and policy. This site is available to all, however to participate actively in the conversations you need to register for a free membership.


We envision a world in which everyone in need has access to a trained and supported community health worker.


At CHW Central, our mission is to be the preeminent global resource on CHW and CHW programs. CHW Central aims to increase access to information on CHWs and to promote CHW workforce development, self-determination, and institutionalization.

Core Strategies

  • To foster CHW workforce development by sourcing and making available the evidence on community health workers, whether publications, gray literature, tools, or media.
  • To promote CHW self-determination through engagement and by giving CHWs a voice in stories, features, webinars and other platforms.
  • To support the institutionalization and sustainability of the CHW cadre by assisting in the spread of global guidelines, policies and best practices.
  • To advocate for improvements in CHW program management and CHW support by providing syntheses of evidence and best practices.
  • To engage communities of program managers, implementers and CHWs in discussions about topics essential to the CHW workforce.
  • To serve our members and the global community passionate about the role of CHWs in achieving universal health coverage by coordinating with global policy leaders, donors and implementing partners to bring resources together at CHW Central as the go-to source for information and discussion on CHWs.


Announcements: You will find announcements about updated content on CHW Central, and news.

Meetings and Events: We keep a current list of conferences, and events that are of interest to the global and U.S.-based CHW community. Are you planning a meeting that you would like us to promote? Contact us.

Featured Content/Archives: We will keep you informed about new research, best practices, global and U.S. policy discussions, tools and success stories. We welcome your ideas for new topics or presenters. This is your opportunity to participate in a conversation with experts from around the world who are involved in CHW programs.

Resources: The CHW Central resource database includes case studies, journal articles, training materials and more. Our collection is always growing, please visit this section frequently. If you have resources to share, submit them here. You can also leave feedback for other members about the resources you have reviewed on the resource page.

Partners: CHW Central is proud to have a number of partner organizations committed to strengthening CHWprograms. Read about our partner organizations and find links to their websites on the Partners page.

Links: CHW Central’s Links page helps you connect with other organizations implementing and supporting innovative CHW programs, as well as other resource-sharing sites. To suggest additional links for CHW Central, contact us.

CHW HUB: The CHW Hub is a product of the partnership between CHW Central and the Health Systems Global Thematic Working Group (TWG) on Supporting and Strengthening the Role of Community Health Workers in Health System Development.

We welcome your help to make CHW Central useful and up to date. Please visit often to participate in the discussions and forums. Share your new resources and comment on resources that you find helpful. Recommend the site to your colleagues. And contact us to let us know what else you’d like to see here.


CHW Central is managed by Initiatives Inc. Site start-up was supported by the USAID Health Care Improvement Project in 2011.

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