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"'I'm a Health Worker' - Abduaraman Gidi" made by IntraHealth International.

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Elisabeth Nyiramana* (left) is a breast cancer survivor, and Laurence Mukantaganda is the social worker who helped her—emotionally and physically—get through treatment. They share a laugh at Nyiramana’s home in Burera, Rwanda, on Sept. 16, 2016.

This summer (or rainy season), we invite you take a break as you listen to these engaging yet sunny round table discussions on cutting edge community health worker topics.  Dan Palazuelos, Director of Community Health Systems at Partners In Health, has been meeting with community health leaders all year long.  In a exclusive, a new podcast will be available each week for the next few months. Check back each Monday for new episodes.

Material covered will include: a recording from a panel discussion at the Astana conference, an inside look at what leadership at PIH saw when they visited Muso in Mali, and intimate in-depth discussions with leaders from some of then most exciting and successful NGOs working now, including Amani Global Works in the DRC, Lwala in Kenya, Possible in Nepal.

Click on the links below to select the available podcasts. 

1. Roundtable Discussion with the Community Health Team from Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Western Uganda 

2. A Conversation with Dr. Jacques Sebisaho on working with CHWs in Conflict Settings

3. The Key Role of Community Health Workers in Integrated Care Delivery Systems.

4. A discussion with Fred Ochieng on establishing the Lwala Community Alliance

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